Judge the tree by its fruits…

You will judge them by their fruits (Gr. Από τους καρπούς τους και μόνο μπορείτε να τους κρίνετε), said once upon a time a wise man…

And how true is this in todays society. Modern people are full with distrust, with hate, with love for all the wrong things, with greed, with impatience, with lack of time for the really important things…

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And no one can say that this is a religion era… This is Science times in which we live in!

The Medieval “dark” times produced saints and knights.

Todays era produces people void of any humanity.

You tell me: which one is “better”?

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  1. skakos

    Thanks for the comment! Indeed you are right in many things, Most of all, you are right that thinking in absolutes is wrong. In any way this article was a way to hit back on modern prejudice about the “civilized” of our time against the “primitiveness” of all other previous civilizations humans have developed. It is not bad to remember that from time to time…

  2. J Gabriel Checo

    Your final quote, although clever, is little more than red herring. The Middle Ages was described as the Dark Ages metaphorically, for the time period it covers is between the decline of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Renaissance. The term “Dark” is used to identify the lack of documentation of the period that makes it “obscured” to historians. In other words, the word “dark” stands for lack of information not abominable or unholy times.

    To answer your question: We don’t know much of what happened during that time so I have no idea.

    By the way, what society considers humane constantly changes with time. The fact that this era produced you, a person who believes there are people void of any humanity, proves we are not all lost. Are you assuming that there were no human beings riddled with “distrust, hate, love for all the wrong things, greed, [and] impatience” during the Middle Ages? If you aren’t, then what makes this age so much worse?

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