Happy New Year, Sacrifice and why We avoid it…

There are things we like doing. And when we like doing something, we do not even think of stopping doing it. We like enjoying our selves. We do not like giving up anything which we like. That is why the idea of sacrifice is the least spread behaviour in society.

However the right path is almost certainly the most difficult one. And if your are not ready to sacrifice anything you enjoy, then you are almost certainly in the wrong path. How can you convince yourself that you are a not-selfish person, when you will certainly never give up something you enjoy? Being good is connected with the notion of loving others more than your self. How can you convince that you are such a person, when you do not even have the WILL to e.g. stop eating those french fries you so much love?

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Happy New Year to all!

May all of us try the idea of sacrifice in the new year, so that we can find our limitations and know better our selves…

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