Science: The hypocrisy of the “no responsibility” doctrine(s)

Scientists have often been related to bad things. Atomic bombs, lethal chemical weapons, ruthless experiments on humans at concentration camps, human experiments for new drugs at prisoners and homeless people, gennetic racism et cetera. However all these cases are refuted by science-lovers as being an argument against science per se. They claim that “science” is not responsible for what scientists do. They also claim that even scientists are not responsible on their turn for what they do (!), since they do not have anything to do with how their discoveries will be used. However when the same people attack religion they easily claim that “religion” is responsible for what bishops do. And the same people easily claim that bishops are responsible for anything they do, unlike the “responsibility free” scientists… Too easy to judge when you are not judged!

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  1. jkolander

    I agree – while scientists complain that we are polluting the environment, remember that gasoline, combustion engines, plastics, and styrofoam were all created by scientists yet they refuse to accept the blame.

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