What exists is what we Write…

We believe that some things “exist”. But why is that? Everything we think exists only because we write it down and give it a name. Everything we speak of today, did not even exist as words 3,000 years ago. Most of them will again not even exist as words in a million years from now. Things which “are” will not longer “be”… Things which “were not” are now thought to “exist” just because we write them on paper. How arrogant must we be to think we are the best of all times and have the right to decide what “exists” and what does not?

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Naming and defining things is the only way of making them “exist” in the way most people think today…

Go look for your self! Look up the world “gravity” in the student handbooks of 1,280,182 AD and don’t be surprised if you don’t find it there…

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  1. skakos

    And another thing: How could you speak of something if there is “no word” about it? How would you then say that this thing “exists”?

  2. skakos

    Raw experience is one thing. Interpretation is another. If we stayed at the raw experience level everythin would be “fine”, but we don’t. We are not like Buddha who stood in silence when he wanted to say his most important words. We like to define things, we like to write things. People back then would not speak of “gravity”. So “gravity” would not exist for them. People in a million years will probably not have “gravity” either for they will have replaced it with another “force”. That thing we call “gravity” exists only today…

  3. patryantravels

    Even if there was no word for gravity, the force of gravity still functioned. And I dont think they had student handbooks back then.

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