A = A and why death is not “bad”…

You are afraid to die. But if you were objective as a “scientist” you should not be. We do not know what life is, we do not know what death is. How can we be sure that death or sickness is something “bad” then? We ex-ist (εξ’ ίσταμαι). We are conscious. And yet some people will try to persuade you that this happens for… no reason. We “are”. We “live”. We feel grateful for that. And yet we feel afraid for the only thing that defines life – i.e. death. Most people think sickness is something bad. But when was the last time majority had a correct opinion about a serious philosophical subject ? Shestov would argue… You are here. You will be. You were. How can you “not be” ? You cannot. You grow old. You change. But how can you “Be” and yet “change” ? You cannot. [Harmonia Philosophica, What does it take to believe in death] The most illogical, is the most logical.

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