Science hypocrisy and dogmatism in a Black Hole…

People believe in Black Holes.

No. We have not “seen” one. Scientists have “discovered” them via X-ray emissions from various blank spots in the universe. We could try to detect the Hawking radiation, but it is too weak to be used as such. But wait a minute. Things could be more simple. If so many stars are in the verge of transforming into a black hole, then why don’t we see every day stars disappearing from the sky? And if the creation of a black hole means a vast and continuous increase in gravity, which in turn means time slowing down, then wouldn’t we end up in needing infinite time for the creation of a black hole to be completed? Einstein himself did not believe in black holes. And if in any case gravity is the exchange of the particles called gravitons, how can these particles escape the… gravity of the black hole?

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Funny and stupid questions…

Who cares anyway? As long as we get our funding…

People believe in black holes.

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  1. skakos

    Sarcasm is too little of an insult for someone who gets billions to “see” what cannot be “seen”… Maybe something I wrote was incorrect?

  2. ethnikos lampadiodromos

    All you need is sarcasm when you don’t have any answers for yourself

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