Against mainstream archeology, against mainstream science…

Yonaguni, Khambhat and Dwarka, Wanaku and other places around the world present submerged structures. Structures which must have been created in an era when the ocean sea levels were much lower, in an era when modern mainstream archeology tells us that we lived in caves like monkeys.

Why does mainstream archeology insists so much on its long-ago formulated dogmas?

And more importantly: Why do we continue to believe mainstream archeology if it fails so evidently to cope with the obvious? I guess it is the same reason which explains why we continue to follow the opinion of ANY mainstream field of science: people are too afraid to trust their own common sense. Trusting the “experts” is all too easy…

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  1. Stefan

    These structures can easily have become submerged by an earthquake and are only about 3000 years old. Nobody claims we have lived as a hunter and gathererer in a cave and especially in such a warm country there is not even the need to live in a cave anyway.

    1. skakos

      “Could” have easily been submerged by an earthquake.
      Or maybe not… Right?

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