Animal lovers = Animal haters? The safari hypocrisy.

I was recently watching a documentary about Tanzania. There was a woman who had traveled this far to enjoy nature and see the animals of this strange exotic country. The woman conducted a safari and went through a restricted wild area in a jeep. While watching the wild animals with binoculars she expressed her admiration for those animals and how much she really loves them.

Sounds cool.

But… wait a minute!

RESTRICTED wild area? Looking at animals with BINOCULARS? And while you are in a secure VEHICLE with guides keeping you safe?

What’s WRONG with that picture? Is it me or do you also see what I am seeing? Keeping some lions in a restricted area, does not tag those species “wild”. And havine 20 or 30 sich areas in the whole world, does not mean this species is not “extict” (it would be more correct to say that the wild initial species is now extinct and that a new species of “I cannot survive without human attention” is now alive).

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But what is more important: Loving animals does NOT mean seeing them through binoculars or in Discovery channel as most animal lovers do. Loving animals does NOT mean loving bears and tigers, but in case you see a bear of a tiger near you will get the gun out and shoot out of fear of being eaten. Loving animals does not mean that fake and completely hypocritical stance of modern city people, who enjoy  loving animals only if a fence and a shotgun separates keeps them away…

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