New Russel Wallace site – The coronation of dogmatism

A new site with the collected works of Russel Wallace is online. However the problem is that this site is not so objective as one might think it is.

It describes Wallace as the “co-founder” of the Theory of Evolution while he was just THE founder. Although in Wallace’s biography it is stated that Wallace did send his manuscript to Darwin (for him to approve and publish! bad luck can be very ironic some times…), the site claims that “confusion” surrounds the dispute. Where one can find “confusion” in a case where one has a reported official manuscript while the other has nothing of a kind (the site speaks of “notes” and admits that “Darwin was two years away from completing and publishing his big book on species”), is a little bit hard to see…

[Read Russel Wallace and Evolution Theory for the truth about Wallace and his works]

The site also gives a short description of Wallace’s draw to spiritualism, with the totally unacceptable way: “Like mesmerism and phrenology before, Wallace thought he approached the subject with scepticism but soon became entirely convinced that the “phenomena” produced by mediums such as table rappings, spirit writings, apparitions in dark rooms and so forth must be genuine and never again doubted his conclusion”…

Well, that was it. In just one sentence we are given the very reasons of todays science being so cold and non-human. “Wallace thought he approached the subject with scepticism but…” the site claims. So we “KNOW” that spiritualism does not exist and poor Wallace was so stupid that he saw things being where they did not. This kind of a priori knowledge of the truth is what has destroyed todays science.

Later on the same Biography in this site, where physiologist G. J. Romanes is quoted to have written about Wallace’s book “Darwinism”: “It is in the concluding chapter of his book, much more than in any of the others, that we encounter the Wallace of spiritualism and astrology, the Wallace of vaccination and the land question, the Wallace of incapacity and absurdity” [refers to the last chaprter of the book Darwinism of Wallace, where he concludes that human spirit cannot be interpreted by Theory of Evolution], the ONLY thing the site has to say is: “The accusation of belief in astrology was incorrect”. (and of course nothing is said about the fact that Wallace died alone and in poverty due to such “accusations”)

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Let’s all thank God we are accused of “spiritualism”! 🙂

Modern biologists really CANNOT handle the fact that the founder of their beloved theory is a spiritualist. Hehehe…

Laughing at someone who sees a spirit in human (that is why Wallace never thought HIS theory could be 100% applicable to humans, something his materialistic opponents never forgave him) is one thing.

Publishing a supposedly “objective” site about that someone, is another. The truth is not something one can make his own and manipulate it in order to pass his personal agenda. Wallace was the founder of Theory of Evolution and believed that humans are something more than blood and bones. This is the opinion of many other scientists today.

A site which interprets Wallace’s life in the way that fits the way mainstream scientists think today will not change the fact that humans DO have something more than blood and bones in them…

PS. Perhaps the most extraordinary piece of information in this site is where it mentions that when Wallace set sail to return to Britain from a 9 months expedition to the Amazon, the ship sank and he lost all the specimens he had collected along will almost all his notes. The comment for that disaster that could make anyone die of despair, is “Fortunately the collection was insured by Wallace’s London agent Samuel Stevens for £200“… WTF?!?

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