Back to mobiles with buttons… Back to PHONES….

I recently went back to using a mobile phone with good old-fashioned buttons. No touch screen! And it seems as if I got my phone back!

It is not that I am old fashioned. I am using computers since I was 8 years old, have programmed since Commodore and I still do. I have used Visual Studio 2012 before it went public for mainstream users and have been a Windows 8 user well before magazines worldwide announced its public release.

It is just that I want a phone to make… phone calls! Not another computer!

With my “old new” phone with buttons I can at last call a person with 2 clicks instead of endless finger scrolling in order to find the “phone function”, then find the contact I want to call and the press the “call” virtual button (because modern phones can do much more things with a contact than just call him… I wouldn’t like to make a false “Like” on Facebook or share a photo instead…).

With my buttons phone I can at last have my phone in my pocket without fear of unlocking it by accident. And I do not have all those motives used for screen locking, which make it so hard to make an emergency call when you need to do so. I can actually use it even when I am not actually looking at it, just by sensing the buttons. (I never really understood what is the point of having a touch screen only to visualize and simulate buttons on it, which you already had…)

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Modern mobile phones with touch screens can do a whole bunch of things but give you a really hard time making the most evident of them all.

Much more stable and quick, without having to load mobile antivirus (or be afraid of your mobile being taken hostage by a trojan), use Task Manager or an optimization tool to clear the RAM in order to call home, old phones seem more like a super tool with amazing capabilities which we all miss from our every day lives.


It can actually P-H-O-N-E to people!

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