ADHD, Sweden, crime behavior & “The Dictatorship of Psychiatry 2”

A Swedish study shows that people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who are involved in crime are less likely to reoffend when on treatment than not. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute looked at data from over 25,000 people with ADHD in Sweden. Estimates suggest between 7-40% of people in the criminal justice system may have ADHD and other similar disorders, though in many cases the condition is not formally recognised. The research suggests that ADHD treatment ‘may reduce risk of criminal behaviour’. This is a continuation of older studies which suggested that people with ADHD are more likely to commit offences than the general population. Providing better access to medication may reduce crime and save money, experts and support groups say. [source 1=”<a” href=”; 2=”target="_blank">BBC” 3=”News</a>” language=”:”][/source]

Sweden is once more on the very edge of fascism (see tag “Sweden” for more). As Hitler once thought that he could control people through genetics, Sweden now thinks we can find out who will be a criminal by a simple psychiatry test (or worse, by a simple DNA test?). And don’t even imagine of feeling “safe” because you don’t have ADHD. The set of “diseases” which cause “criminality” will increase day by day. People is power have always used insanity as a means of controlling masses and this is to happen once more. Because after all, if you are the one who defines who is “insane” or with a “disorder” and who is “normal”, why not bend the rules a little bit and get rid of some “annoying” people to? Who will care anyway? It is “science” right? And nobody questions “Science”…

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