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George Papandreou, the former prime minister of Greece which led the country to near-bankruptcy and brought the Memorandum to the lifes of 10,000,000 people by claiming the country has a debt problem when no one thought it had one, now leads a class in the Harvard University “Institute of Politics” [1].

We hear now and then that the US universities are the “best”. Based on US metrics of course… Because if the “best” consists of former “near demolish my country” ministers teaching, we must reconsider what we think we “know” about education. If the “best” means “give money money money” then we should reconsider what we know about innovation and creativity not being related to money.

Mind washing on small children: The new hope...

Universities which are considered “bad”, at least they are not bound to politics like “great” American universities are. I would surely wouldn’t want my children to be taught about peace from a former US president who conducted wars, or listen about ecology from any former US president who was responsible for the country which pollutes more than any other country on the Globe…