BP, Deep Horizon and the “we must do something” mania of Western people…


If the 4.9 million barrels of oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico during the 2010 Deep Water Horizon spill was a ecological disaster, the two million gallons of dispersant used to clean it up apparently made it even worse! According to new research from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes (UAA) of Mexico, the substances used for “cleaning” made the oil 52 times more toxic! [1]

It is once more proven – in a tragic way – that our “technologies” do not have the result we expect. Our assumed “progress” in many levels is shadowed by our full ignorance of the balance of Nature.

If we left things as they were, everything would be better.

As Feyerabend said, this “we must do something” way of thinking of all Western people will destroy us… It is very weird for us to understand what other cultures (e.g. in Africa) have as standard: that sometimes you must just wait and do nothing instead of “doing something”. This is what astonished white people going to Africa to rule the black people, but it is a really good way of solving things once you get to the bottom of it. As Christ very well put it: God cares for the sparrow. Do you think He will not take care of you?

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(Έχει ο Θεός)

Nature has a way of putting things together and bringing balance after a disaster. Every human effort to restore “balance” is based on a very peculiar “balance” we understand and which has nothing to do with how things work in the cosmos…

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