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New measurements of the Polar Star have revealed that the distance of the star from Earth is 323 light years, instead of 434 light years which was the last measurement known. [1]

Astronomy is the only science where measurements can change so drastically without anyone saying anything. What would your professor tell you if you had made a… “small” mistake of 100 light years in a distance measurement? Hahahaha!!! (Gr. Χαχαχαχαχα!!) And let’s not forget the infamous “discovery” that the visible matter which all astronomers thought was the total mass of the Universe, is only 5% of the total mass of the Universe (call me “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”). Small mistake. Just a 95% difference isn’t that important anyway! AHAHAHAHA!!!! And they accuse astrologists for inaccuracies…

Biochemistry against Evolution (or "Do not trust scientists")

I just hope the next measurement of the distance of Polar Star is not 212 light years… But even if it is, who will dare question the modern priests of stupidity?

PS. Shestov has talked nice about astrologists, revealing the nudity of astronomers. There are relevant posts… Actually astrology is not equal (as the title implies) but much more noble than astronomy in many aspects.