In the Question, there lies the Answer…


Every time we ask a question, we have actually started to give an answer. Aristotle was the first to understand that the intonation of a question is a step not in the beginning but rather in the middle of the philosophical thought flow (the first stage is what he called απορία). If you have reached the stage to formulate the question, you have really touched the answer with what you have already thought about. If you ask “What is the reason for the existence of the universe?” you have already thought and decided that there is causality, you have already thought and decides that “time” exists, you have already thought and decides what “exist” means… And most importantly, you have probably already decided that the Universe must have a cause. (for those you are ready to criticize, I will tell them that the same applies to atheistic-type of questions as well) A lot of answers for someone who asks a question… So the next time you ask something think again. Do you already know what you want to get as an answer?

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