Wins, losses, learning…


Be grateful for your defeats. No one learned from his victories…

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  1. Andreas Leinz

    Hello Spiros ! First i have to thank you for releasing the source code of your chess program.You are a true hacker at heart.!!! Second i must say, that i won 2 of 2 games with check mate both colors. that didnt satisfy me, cause i cant learn anything from a victory.The question for me now is,if the minimax algorithm is so weak or the implementation. I would encourage you to release the last outstanding tutorials.Meanwhile I will study the code to elevate my programming skills. i am a computer enthusiast,some call me NERD, from germany and found your website through a coincidence when searching for x86-64 assembly programming for visual studio on codeproject.
    I heard before that writing a chess programm is very difficult and now i have the source to one! THX a lot ! your whole website is quite interesting, i will spend days exploring it.
    Greets to Greece. Andreas

    p.s. Sei dankbar für deine Niederlagen, niemand lernt aus seinen Siegen…

    1. skakos

      You are right that the algorithm is weak. I am trying to improve it. Of course it would be unwise to think that it is the algorithm’s problem… 🙂 It is mine and I have to work it out. Thanks for the comment though! Programming is all about experimenting, so I guess I have a long way ahead of me! The journey is all that counts. And yes, I am thankful for my defeats along that way!

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