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Once more, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is tracking down the magic flight of Santa Clauss around the globe. The saint has currently delivered more than 1,793,000,000 gifts as he is heading towards Dhaka, Bangladesh (see here for the flight tracking in real time). [1]

Santa Clauss NORAD 4

Weird how “not real” things have so much “evidence” to back them up (from photos to real time tracking of his whereabouts), while “real” things (e.g. black holes, paraller universes, elusive particles, strings?) have so little evidence to make us believe them…

The real meaning of Tao: Everything possible. Illogical. Thus true.

13DF26A97EB62F12AB9E2D6664FB35B3Makes one wonder on the true nature of “evidence”… And of their use…