Inefficient politicians, Power families, Demos…


A new research shows that 42 out of the 43 American presidents are… cousins! Yes, all American presidents seem to be related and they all (except the 8th president) are descedants of one single person: King John of England. [1] If that is true, then the conspiracy all people hate to love – i.e. that a minority of the same people rule the world – will be confirmed in a superb way…


At the same time Bilawal Bhutto Zadari, the son of Pakistan’s murdered ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has promised to fight militancy to maintain democracy, in his first major political speech. [2] Well, yes. You guessed correctly. He is nothing like his mother. I do not know if you think the same thing I think of when I take a look at the above picture: he is just a pawn for people who want to use his mother’s name. He is just a kid just finishing university. Not a “leader”.


Demos (Gr. Δήμος – i.e. the people) is standing beneath all these, just watching. It is now more and more evident that the people did actually have power only in the ancient Athens of Pericles, where every citizen could become a member of the constitutions which ruled the citry just by… draw (Gr. κλήρωση). And we seem rather anxious of forgetting that past, don’t we? We do not WANT to rule. We WISH to be ruled. At least most of us…

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We do NOT want to take this kind of responsibility.

This is the only reason I think of for the majority of people voting the same families over and over again, the same politics (dressed in different dresses, that is true) over and over again.

And unless this changes drastically soon, the 500th cousing of John will rule us when we get to 3500 AD…

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