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Surfing through the science news, one might come across a rather interesting case: Scientists have fabricated an artificial protein in the laboratory and examined the effects it has on living organisms. [1]

Well, what is so important about that? one might ask.

The importance is not on the news themselves. It is on the way they are presented. Even though the artificially fabricates protein was a total FAILURE (resulting in various side-effects in the Escherichia coli bacterial cells used for the experiment), the news is presented as if it was a great success.


The article writer speaks about the case as if the scientists have managed to do something great, as if they succeeded in what they were trying to do. But they haven’t. Surely looking into a failure could be as equally important as looking into a success. And surely scientists will gain much from that experiment.

But the bottom line is that the artificial protein DID NOT work as expected.

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And this is something that the unsuspected reader (especially those who just skim through the article while surfing on the Internet) can realize, thus leaving him with the false impression that “scientists created an artifical protein and used it in a living organism”.

I can surely think of many reasons behind this behaviour. I will just leave you to find some on your own.

The point is, that being honest is a hard job. Humanity has suffered much from people implying that they have the keys to the “truth” for so long now – especially from religious (with the bad sense of the word) people per se. We do not really need science in replacing the “bad religion” of the past.

We need religion and science free of dishonesty.

We need to stand naked in front of our limitations, weaknesses and mistakes.

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