Happy new year, with disease and misery!


Most of us do not want to be reminded of the basic element of life. For all of you that had the courage to continue reading this wire despite its despicable title, I have one reminder: health is overrated! We do not know what Life is. And yet we are afraid of not-living. We do not know why we are in this world, but we are grateful for Life. And yet, we deny its basic ingredient: death. The majority of us – me included – is afraid of death and disease. But as Shestov said, when was the last time that the majority found the correct answer for a serious philosophical question? Never. And if we must listen to someone, this is the voice of the Illogical in this matter. Who wants to die healthy after all? Let us look at the Mystery of Life through the liberating vision of misery and disease and not with the coward eyes of the western human, who while being too much attached to the material aspect of life forgets its essence.

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    […] Happy new year, with disease and misery! […]

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