Babies, the Greatest Philosophers…

Oups! Not this kind of babies... :)
Oups! Not this kind of babies… 🙂

A Swedish newborn takes part in an experiment in which rates of pacifier sucking indicated that babies can tell some native speech sounds from foreign ones within hours of birth. In that way we found that Babies may start to learn their mother tongues even before seeing their mothers’ faces. Newborns react differently to native and foreign vowel sounds, suggesting that language learning begins in the womb, researchers say. [1]

The newborn which was experimented with revealed important findinds...
The newborn which was experimented with revealed important findinds…

Well, actually it is something more.

Babies are open to the world while not subject to any of outer influences. They are able to see and look but without having anyone to “teach” them how they should interpret what they actually experience.

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If babies could talk, we would listen of the most astounding philosophy…

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