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Infectious bacteria have for the first time been caught performing “biological alchemy” to transform parts of a host body into those more suited to their purposes, by a team in Edinburgh.

The study, in the journal Cell, showed leprosy-causing bacteria turning nerves into stem cells and muscle. [1]

Everything "changes"... And yet everything is One...

Everything “changes”… And yet everything is One…

Change is part of the world. And those who do not believe in alchemy, all they have to do is take a look at the world around them. Iron is turning into gold every minute. Substances are transforming into others continuously, via chemical reactions, transmutations, transformations…

Editing DNA vs. Evolution. Change vs. One. A battle lost before it even starts.

But even though “Change” is not even possible (see “change” related articiles in Harmonia Philosophica here and in Blogger – e.g. here), things DO change all the time. They are the same and yet different every moment.

Humans are in need to believe that stability is there.

Humans find it difficult to understand how One can be changing and yet remain the same.

Stable mind. Unstable mind. Learning. Being.

Humans are in need NOT to believe in Alchemy…