Quails, camouflage, society…


Female Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) lay their eggs on the ground where they can make tempting meals for rodents, snakes, and deer. But as new research published in the journal Current Biology shows, these mothers choose areas on the ground that best match their eggs’ patterns (as the composite picture above shows). [1]

We look a lot like quails in our thinking.

We are used to camouflage our true thoughts in such a way so as to match the “pattern ” of the “common sense” society dictates us. We hate being “different”. We (wrongly) feel “safe” being in line with the masses.

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Stop being safe.

Stop being common.

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  1. skakos

    Thanks. Hopefully towards NOT camouflaging your thoughts… 🙂

  2. The Wisdom of Life

    The cultural aspect of “blending in to protect our eggs from predators”; A profound thought with a number of practical applications. Thanks.

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