Seeing trees, Seeing the forest…


Pictures in nature seem to consist of sets of repeated patterns which help the human mind “see” and distinguish objects from each other. It is like Nature has its own “error correcting” mechanism. These building blocks are used by the brain so as to filter out “noise” that occurs naturally on the retina. [1]

And it gets even weirder.

For a selection of woodland images, the researchers showed that the distributions of light and dark patches have just the same kinds of statistical behaviours as a theoretical model of a two-dimensional magnet near its critical temperature.

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Trees are intermingled in a forest constituting One.

But we see all of them.

It is like the whole world is in a “critical balance”, in a constant state of change as Heracletus postulated. And in this chaos, we are still able to “see” – only because we are also a part of this chaos. Only a tree can see other trees. And none of them knows that they are in a Forest…

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