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Knowledge, Faith, Evidence, Truth…


What is knowledge, if not Faith in the truthness of a proposition?

Based to “evidence” up to a point yes, but Faith nontheless.

And what does “evidence” mean anyway? What we observe is what we observe. “Evidence” is an artificial human-made word which conveys no meaning whatsoever, besides the meaning we chose to give it.

Evidence is what we think support a theory after we have formulated it.

Evidence is what we think we “see”, after filtering what we observe through the lens of our subjective beliefs.

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The same “evidence” “prove” the Theory of Gravity, which calls for the existence of an instantaneous invisible force affecting objects no matter how far they stand apart, as well as the Theory of Relativity, which calls for none such invisible force and which just speaks of bend spacetime.

Look around. Tell me what you “see”…

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