Pope resignation. A coup d’état against God?

Conclave Cardinals 5108-0651-Felici

The Pope has resigned. This move is an immensly important one, with consequences we have not yet realized. Many people say that this is actually a coup d’état against God. And I think I will agree with them.

The reason that Popes die and do not resign is very specific and has political as well as (mainly) theological foundations: The Pope is supposed to be the chosen of the Holy Spirit, the chosen of God. When the College of Cardinals is locked up for the conclave, they decide FREELY and WITHOUT external influences the new Pope. They are choosing based on the inspiration given to them by the Holy Spirit.

But how can they do that now, with a LIVING Pope being OUTSIDE of the conclave? How can they do that now with the cardinals chosen and appointed by Ratzinger (the LIVING Pope) still influenced by him?

And surely if a living Pope can influence the election of this next Pope, the same will or could be done for the next Pope as well… The chain of events could be endless.

He says he is tired.


Would it be the first time a Pope is tired and of old age?

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And, taking this a little bit to the extreme, if we accept the suicide of a high ranking military officer so as not to fall into the hands of the enemy as “noble”, why wouldn’t that be a solution for Popes that are… “tired”?

“Tired”…?!? Come on!

Could it be possible that we have witnessed the attempt of human to finally take the power from God? Could politics (e.g. Protestants North EU vs. Debt-bound Catholic South Europe, Germans vs. Italy et cetera) have finally destroyed one of the most precious traditions of Christianism?

PS. And no, this resignation does not have a precedence! The previous Pope who resigned was a hermit whom they called upon to be a Pope simply because they couldn’t agree on anyone. And then, that great man resigned JUST MONTHS after his election since he saw that his way of life and thinking had nothing to do with the politicis in which the cardinals tried to bring him in. See Philosophical Garbage for more on that.

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