Everyone needs a good Slapping!

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Another “famous” singer committed suicide (1). What’s the matter with all these people who have everything but at the same time nothing?

Sure, her husdand died. But so do the husbands of so many other women who do NOT kill them selves… And other famous persons committing suicide do not even have such an excuse. And I am not even referring to cases of “famous” people destroying their lives not with suicide but with crimes (call me… “Bullet in the Chamber” or “I shoot whenever and whoever I want because I am a full-of-steroids disabled athlete”).

How many more examples do we need to realize the obvious?

How can people with terminal cancer or who have lost their children manage to live their life, but a famous person cannot under much better circumstances?

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Maybe besides expensive rehab all these people want is just a hard slapping on the face! Primitive, yet effective.

Because all things considered, this kind of suicide is just another way of stating that “I am different from all of you. I am something SPECIAL. I have to suicide even though you wouldn’t in such a case”… An ultimate attempt to declare publicly the importance of a person who – just being hit by death – started to realize that he is not…

We are all important. Live well. Die well.

Don’t be an arrogant idiot in the meanwhile.

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