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Research on how anesthesia works on humans, shed new light on the patterns of human brain activity related to the stages of losing consciousness. When the subjects were just beginning to lose consciousness, the researchers detected an oscillation of brain activity in the low frequency (0.1 to 1 hertz) and alpha frequency (8 to 12 hertz) bands, in the frontal cortex. They also found a specific relationship between the oscillations in those two frequency bands: Alpha oscillations peaked as the low-frequency waves were at their lowest point. When the brain reached a slightly deeper level of anesthesia, a marked transition occurred: The alpha oscillations flipped so their highest points occurred when the low frequency waves were also peaking. [1]

Babies. Health screening. Stupidity.

Synchronizing with the world could be a matter of matching wave functions. My brain, with your brain, with our parents’ brain, with Obama’s brain, with Universe’s brain…

Something like the cosmic music Pythagoras postulated…

Music is in the air…