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There was a time, during 1913, when Hitler, Stalin, Tito, Freud and Trotsky all lived in the same city. [1]

When each one of them was left “alone” in his own country, hell broke loose.



Both Trotsky and Hitler sipped coffee under Cafe Central's magnificent arches...

Both Trotsky and Hitler sipped coffee under Cafe Central’s magnificent arches…

People being together makes them better. Austria became a big empire by embrassing as much as a dozen different nationalities. “Officers in the Austro-Hungarian Army had to be able to give commands in 11 languages besides German, each of which had an official translation of the National Hymn”. On the other hand the “race clean” Germany came to rumbles when trying to do the same, while being defeated by the “all good people fit” USA…

Same sex parents: NOT normal. NOT good.

We are like milk. Homogenization makes us better…