Amazon tribes: Fight to death. Don’t “preserve”…


Campaigners say the Brazilian government is failing to protect one of the world’s most endangered tribes. [1]

The Awa people are believed to number just 450, but their territory has attracted thousands of loggers and settlers. Last year a judge ordered all outsiders should leave the area within 12 months. But – surprise surprise! – the deadline has passed and no evictions have taken place, says indigenous rights group Survival International.


The Awa live in north eastern Brazil and survive as hunter-gatherers in remote areas of rainforest. Of their number around 100 have never had contact with outsiders. However, the tribe’s four protected territories have been whittled away over the years by settlers and loggers who are now said to outnumber the Awa by ten to one. One territory of 120,000 hectares has had over 30% of the forest cover removed. Logging trucks are reported to enter and leave the area day and night.

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Why strive so hard to maintain something which is already lost? We have destroyed any sense of innocense and mystery in the world. How would keeping 400 “weird” people in a settlement help us maintain appearances?

It is news like this which make me understand those Indians who preferred to die fighting the white people rather than being “preserved” like a endangered species in some kind of “zoo”…

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  1. steven pepper

    I could cry reading this. But I suppose that makes it all the more necessary. In a world saturated in media, the only people bringing news of these issues to the west are individual voices such as your own. Which really pisses me off.

    “Keep up the good work” sounds patronising and stupid and insensitive given the context… but you know what I mean.

    Kindest regards, Steve.

    1. skakos

      Yes, I know what you mean…

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