Non-competitive evolution, spaghetti, sauce…

μακαρονια με κιμα
Άντε σύντομα και στον Μάγο… (Κύθηρα)

Scientists have long observed that species seem to have become increasingly capable of evolving in response to changes in the environment. But computer science researchers now say that the popular explanation of competition to survive in nature may not actually be necessary for evolvability to increase.

In a paper published this week in PLOS ONE, the researchers report that evolvability can increase over generations regardless of whether species are competing for food, habitat or other factors. [1]

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Evolution without competition. Its like spaghetti without the sause.

We eat and like spaghetti for hunderds of years. But now that we don’t have the sauce, we realize that it was that sause we really liked… 😉

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