Evil Sweden strikes back… (or: How to sterilize “inferior” people)


Sweden had (from 1920s to 1970s) the best eugenics program in the world (i.e. compulsory sterilization of metally diseased, inferior and/ or “impure” citizens et cetera). They even “taught” Hitler, who actually asked for a copy of their eugenics law for his Reich…

Even though many other states had similar eugenica programs (including USA, Switzerland, Denmark etc) Sweden surpassed them all in duration and “quality”. But we shouldn’t be surprised. All these should be obvious, given that Sweden is the most “civilized” state in the world, a role model to which all western countries look up to.


Of course things are better now. Crude eugenics have stopped in order to be replaced with more… noble ones. For example people who wish to change their gender in Sweden (who is advertised as “gay friendly”) must get a divorce and be sterilized in order to be allowed to do so (see here).

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The Devil always wears the best suit… Go go Sweden!

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PS. And no, this is not the fault of “science”! Unless you believe that the crusades are a fault of religion. But then again, this IS the fault of scientists!


Below you can find a collection of eugenics-related posters or related photos. Not forgetting the past is crucial for our progress as human beings…

Eugenics posterr



Eugenics US map Registgering human pedigrees

Eugenic certificate darwinism05_59 564503_10152167042416996_641164357_n eugenicsmarker 8210134782_01eb32fb13_z Screen-shot-2011-02-02-at-9.36.57-AM-565x204

Being good means being active. Society went the wrong way because many “decent” people just “did nothing” as some of their fellow humans were suffering. It is not just Hitler who was the bad guy. Sometimes it looks like Hitler was just a patsy for all other “civilized” countries to hide behind…

Open your eyes.


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