Ice Age art, primitives, “primitives”…

An Ice Age art exchibition [1] illustrates something we want to forget…

That “primitive” people were more civilized than we are.

From the original “do it as you see it” art, we required thousands of years to reach AGAIN this level of abstraction… 😉

ice age art 2_skakos ice age art 1_skakos reindeer_624x352 Ice Age Art exhibition, British Museum iceageart_2470272b Ice_Age_Art_2470133b

~ In your face Picasso! ~

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  1. Einstein's God Letter - A translation, a fool, the truth. - Harmonia Philosophica

    […] Ice Age art, primitives, “primitives”… […]

  2. umanbn

    would love to see that exhibition….looks fantastic! And its easy to believe that they were in many ways as sophisticated as us.

    1. skakos

      And if one realizes that over-analyses makes us less sophisticated in some ways, the conclusion could be even more surprising…

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