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Using a molecular dimmer switch that smoothly dials up glowing lights in bacteria, researchers can make calculators in living cells that add, subtract, divide, and even do logarithms. [1]

These analog computations are much more powerful than those of previous, digital-based biological devices, says study author Timothy Lu, a synthetic biologist at MIT.

Changing color. Turing. Von Neumann. Automata. Thinking. Tautologies.

We make computers. Our brain is a computer. Nature is a computer. The whole universe is a computer. Not of the kind we think of. But a more sublime nature. A computer whose bits and bites are souls and spirits. A computer whose purpose is not to calculate but to find Love and Unity where it can. A “computer” that mulfunctions every time we think it is actually a computer…

Quantum computers. Environment. Memories. Stability. (through change)