I hear you… I hear you… YES, I see you!


“I told my daughter her living room TV was out of sync. Then I noticed the kitchen telly was also dubbed badly. Suddenly I noticed that her voice was out of sync too. It wasn’t the TV, it was me.”

PH is the first confirmed case of someone who hears people speak before registering the movement of their lips. His situation is giving unique insights into how our brains unify what we hear and see. [1]

It may seem weird for us to think of someone living into a bad chinese movie with English dubbing, but everything is in the mind after all!

Light travels much faster than sound, so we shouldn’t “see” the lips of other people moving at exactly the same time the sound of their voice comes to our ears. However out brain sucessfully processes these two (optical and sound) information in such a way that we see these two phenomena synchronized.

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Reality. Senses. Subjectivity.

Seeing it. Hearing it. Living it every day.

Not necessarily in this order… 😉

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