WikiLeaks, war crimes, magic tricks…


Diplomatic US cables that leaked through WikiLeaks, reveal that the US judge who was head of the war crimes court for the former Yugoslavia, exercised pressure to his colleagues for the acquittal of senior officers. (1, 2)

The logic begind this was that a senior officer is not necessarily responsible for the wrongdoings of the people he commands.

US and Israel supported this phenomenally “weird” acquittal.

But not so “weird” if you consider the fact that US or Israeli army commander can someday come in front of this court. And they so much need a legal precedence which acquits them of any mistakes a “random soldier” might do…

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This is handling justice at its best: When no one is looking…

Watch my hand. Watch closely…

Tataaa! The rabbit appears from iside the hat!

The closer you look, the less you see…

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