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Supertall skyscrapers aren’t necessarily built to fit as many people inside as possible–sometimes they’re just aiming to be, well, really tall. Large portions of these buildings are designed to increase height, but remain unoccupied. Wasteful! The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a not-for-profit organization that tracks the world’s skyscrapers, just released some data on that subject. Surprise! Some really tall buildings don’t need to be so tall. (1, 2)

The CTBUH uses the term “vanity spires” to describe tops of buildings where a ton of extra height is added, even though that space isn’t used for people. By unused height, here are the 10 buildings with the most ridiculous spires…

Maya, base-18, 7200, "primitive" and arrogant people...


You see we humans just want MORE! Of everything.

It doesn’t matter whether we need it ot not… Or how many people have to suffer for us to have it…