The RNA World hypothesis…


The RNA World hypothesis is a difficult one to accept. It seems to improbable that RNA evolved alone into that elaborate mechanism of self-copying. We prefer believing that other enzymes catalysts evolved separately. (1) Sure. It is like we do not like the idea of a DVD Recorded evolving alone. And we break it up into pieces so that we can imagine its self-evolution better…

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  1. Erik Andrulis

    As someone who is an RNA biologist, I am unaware of any “RNA hypothesis.” Do you mean the RNA World Hypothesis? If so, the notion of RNA’s self-replication (“self-copying”) is a misguided one (i.e. Eigen’s hypercycles, ribozyme-mediated self-templating), as RNA does not replicate itself.

    1. skakos

      Indeed I was referring to the RNA World Hypothesis! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! I fixed it.

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