Sweet 16, 18, 20… RUN!


New guidance for psychologists will acknowledge that adolescence now effectively runs up until the age of 25 for the purposes of treating young people. So is this the new cut-off point for adulthood?

“The idea that suddenly at 18 you’re an adult just doesn’t quite ring true,” says child psychologist Laverne Antrobus, who works at London’s Tavistock Clinic. “My experience of young people is that they still need quite a considerable amount of support and help beyond that age”, says the psychologist. (1)

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Well, MY EXPERIENCE is that whenever some “scientist” (especially a psychologist) tries to impose arbitrary limits on you with the purpose of “helping” you, you should RUN AWAY as fast as you can…

How can psychology set specific limits when our very nature is limitless?

How can a child learn to fly, when we teach his all the time how to crawl?

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