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Hitler & Swastika: The murder of a symbol…


Hitler did not only murder people. He also murdered a symbol.

Swastika was for thousands of years a symbol of the movement of the cosmos, a symbol of good luck.

Now no one can use it anymore. Now the world has stopped turning.

Dark deeds have dark consequences…

Can someone be brave enough? The world must start moving again…

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  1. Elizabeth Stuart

    Too soon. I have a great uncle who died fighting against this symbol. Sorry, I won’t have any of it. I am not fooled. The symbol is soild forever. No moving on for me.

    1. skakos

      The point of the post is to refer to how symbols might be misused. Just that. Do you disagree with that?

      PS. I live in Greece. Believe me, almost all Greeks have some relatives who died while fighting against Nazis.

  2. Dudam Bharath Kumar

    Yes you are absolutely right that Hitler has used this symbol after killing it’s very authentic symbolization. The anti-clockwise movement symbol when it was printed on their paper and get traveled to Germany as clock-wise symbol. It resulted destructiveness and Hitler rather became great he becomes cruel and destructive.
    However, as you said Hitler has misused the very interesting yet great symbol of existence. Thank you

    1. skakos

      Thank you.

  3. Creative Sol Vibrations

    Very good point.

    1. skakos


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