Against ecology! For dirty!


Sometimes wildlife likes it dirty. When farmers in Northern Ireland cut the amount of fertilizer leaking from their land into Lough Neagh, the UK’s biggest lake, the upshot was a dramatic decline in the number of migrating birds spending winter there.

By reducing pollution, farmers have improved the lake’s water quality, says Irena Tománková of Queens University Belfast. “But the unexpected consequence is fewer invertebrates and as a result less duck food”.

That’s because there were fewer nutrients in the lake to feed the insects and snails on the muddy lake bottom – critters that visiting birds like pochard, tufted ducks and goldeneye feast on. (1)

In your face you stupid ecologist!

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Nature is dirty. Nature is not clean. Nature is not neat.
I would expect a white collar ecologist or a fake-Rambo Greenpeace politically-driven dude to understand that…

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