Modern times, mass culture, Game of Thrones…


The writer of the famous Game of Thrones admits that he does not know how or when his series of novels will end. (1) He knows which characters will die but surely does not have the faintest clue on what he wants to actually say with the story! (2)

What a great distance from what Edgar Alan Poe said, about writers FIRST deciding about the impression they want to leave to the reader and knowing how their book will end! (Valia) Game of Thrones is full of monsters and tales used again and again in dozens of novels/ stories/ movies.

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What a great distance from the other thing Poe said about about writers: That first of all they ought to write something original! People today simply love copycats.

Mass culture leveling everything to the ground.

Modern times… Full of average people… Void of art…

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