“Science”. What does it mean?


While the Oxford University Press honored “selfies” as its 2013 Word of the Year, celebrating those quickly snapped self-portraits, Merriam-Webster is taking a more academic approach to its annual linguistic spotlight.

The dictionary has declared “science” its 2013 Word of the Year. The honor is based on increased interest as measured by the number of people looking up a word over time. If you haven’t looked it up online, here’s how Merriam-Webster defines science: “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation”. (1)


But if observation is so important, why do we talk about parallel universes? If observation is so important, why don’t we believe in our own free will or in our importance as human beings? When you lose something, you tend to look for it all the time. We have lost the true meaning of science. And at this exact moment, at the turning point of science to scientist, the word “science” is the most important.

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