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Scientists tried to measure who is more “popular” by using a pagerank algorithm for pages in the Internet related to various famous persons. (1) Jesus was 1st. Elvist was 69th. Descartes was 82nd.

For me, this is a highly disturbing result.

The more popular an idea, the less value it has. The ideas of Jesus were very UNpopular at his time, exactly because they were exceptional, wise and great in every aspect! But today we have a very distorted idea of what Jesus actually said. Not half of the people who like Jesus today would accept his ideas, if they knew how strict he was with certain things. (read the New Testament, do NOT take my word for it!)

The meat grinder processes everything hard and makes it easy to digest.
All great ideas are hard to accept.
All great ideas are unpopular.

Eating burgers is easy.
Eating burgers is popular.