I am God. I am God. I am God! [augmented reality]


I slip on the virtual reality headset, expecting the real world to vanish. Instead, something odd happens: I can still see the room I’m in, but it’s slightly blurry. I look down at my body – everything’s where it should be. With the click of a button the floor suddenly becomes cluttered with virtual objects and an avatar appears before me, extending her arm to shake my hand. She’s trying to blend in with the real people but I can tell she’s computer-generated. Then everything goes black and white, and suddenly the entire scene feels real.

This is a new type of augmented reality (AR) – called mixed reality (MR).

To blend the two spaces, Steptoe’s system applies filters available in image editing software to the combined world. The filters make everything appear slightly cartoonish, but they hide the imperfections of virtual objects, making it hard to tell what’s real and what’s virtual. (1)

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The creation has fooled itself enough to be calling itself a “creator”. And we now try to combine two “realities” as if they were different or ours to master. Repeating something too many times makes you believe it.

Do you feel “god” enough?

Are you ready to create a… reality of your own, you fool human being who does not even know what “reality” is?!?

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