Beverly Hills, racism, “racism”…


We do not like racism. We feel against those Beverly Hills bimbos who just cannot stand filthy poor people.

But question your self: Do you not like them better than all those pseudo-leftist ideology self-proclaimed “progressive” who SAY they like everyone and who CLAIM they are not racists but live in rich neighborhoods and big houses, doing anything BUT hanging out with the people they claim they like?

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Hypocrisy is the quintessence of our civilization.

We like to fool our selves that we like everyone and yet we hang out only with a handful of people – most of the times people who are just LIKE us.

Maybe we should narrow the definition of “racism”. And broaden the definition of “hypocrite”.

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  1. skakos


  2. furiouscuriouscancersurvivor

    Or caviar socialism….You should hear black folk abusing each other eg I am not talking to someone darker than me…

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