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Brain correlations, full cups, thinking…


Suppose you heard the sound of skidding tires, followed by a car crash. The next time you heard such a skid, you might cringe in fear, expecting a crash to follow — suggesting that somehow, your brain had linked those two memories so that a fairly innocuous sound provokes dread. MIT neuroscientists have now discovered how two neural circuits in the brain work together to control the formation of such time-linked memories. (1)

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Our thinking is based on how our brain makes correlations between sequenced events.

We are trapped into a web of correlations we create.

The more we think, the less we are able to Think.
The more we know, the less we are able to Know.

Only an empty cup, can fill in again…

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  1. thewitcontinuum

    “The more we think, the less we are able to think”…this is my problem…I’m thinking too much of something I’d like to forget which is why that drug to erase memories sounds good to me.

    1. skakos

      But you can do that on your own. Close your eyes and empty your mind. Like in Ghostbusters… 🙂

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