Homer, satellites, optical illusions…


Amazon does not get greener in dry seasons, even though this is what the initial data from satellites showed. A correction made by scientists who analyzed the respective data revealed that it was all due to an optical illusion. (12)

In the beginning we had our own eyes and nothing more.

Then we developed satellites to “correct” our natural vision and enhance it in ways we did not think possible.

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And now we are correcting the data from the “corrected” of the satellites.

Maybe we should go even further…
2,500 years ago…

At the era when the most exquisite images of the human soul were drawn by a blind man…

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  1. jbw0123

    When I first put on glasses to correct near sightedness, it was the strangest sensation. Two realities. The fuzzier one seemed more real than the “corrected” one. Reality is relative.

    1. skakos

      A simple truth but so difficult to understand… 🙂

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