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Past, present, future…

bow-lane-c-1930 brick-lane-1957 buckingham_palace_gates_0 covent-garden-c-1930 piccadilly-circus-june-1953 tower-bridge-c-1930

A smart application for phones, combining photos you take with pictures from the same place from the past.

A smart application for phones, teaching philosophy…

Photographs of the past, photographs of the present. (1, 2, 3)

We walk next to everyone. The past, present, future – ideas in your brain. Next to your car there walks a horse. Next to your house, a war takes place. Next to you, a different Sun is shining. What is different is the same.

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What is now has already passed.

What has passed, is always there.

What will come, is already here.

Poetical. Mysterious. Weird. Our cosmos as One.

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