Science without compass. A dangerous thing…


A defiant Yoweri Museveni has responded to U.S. President Barack Obama’s criticism of Uganda’s pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill by stating that he intends to sign it into law as soon as a scientific committee has completed its work. In a letter to Obama dated 18 February Museveni, Uganda’s president, defends the bill, which would introduce life sentences for so-called “aggravated homosexuality” with minors or in cases of rape, and terms of 7 to 14 years for attempted or actual homosexual activity. (source)

Science is useful.

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To support the conclusions you have already concluded…
Isn’t that what we always do?

Who truly seeks the truth, without any prejudices or dogmas?
Who does truly seek the truth without already knowing the truth?

Our axioms are based on air. The air we like breathing…
Choose different ones and you will end up where you want.

A truth seeking system without a compass (a.k.a. religion) can guarantee that…

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